The Rawmbas Story

Rawmbas restaurant was established in August, 2011 at Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. To honor a close friend of the founding family and inspired by the relationship between basic nutrition, good health and well-being Rawmbas' mission was to provide our customers with a wholesome, quick service alternative to other conventional fast food chains.

Today's food choices are limited by short lunch breaks, busy schedules and active lifestyles, so every food item on our well thought out menu is designed to be taken-out in short order as well as to be eaten in.

Specializing in consumer favorites such as smoothies, wraps, pizzas and burgers, we make our gluten free, vegan take-out meals from scratch with quality ingredients. The flavor is full, satisfying, indescribably fresh and memorable. We are different. We serve fast, amazing food.

Rawmbas celebrates the fact our vegan food fully satisfies the palates of all our customers including those who don't otherwise follow a strict vegan diet. Our food is well priced, delicious and the atmosphere is clean and welcoming. Our customers are thereby afforded the opportunity to experience Rawmbas' surprisingly tasty, healthy "fast food" in a familiar and friendly setting.

With that in mind Rawmbas also offers a full coffee service featuring organic Doi Chang coffee beans. In order to cater to both vegan and non-vegans alike, we offer cream along with regular soy milk for their coffee or they can order our rich, homemade almond milk.

Our customers appreciate the option of cream since we wholeheartedly encourage non-vegans to choose our restaurant for quick service take-out. Cream for coffee is the only non-vegan item in our restaurant.

Rawmbas restaurants have proudly won multiple awards in its short history which confirms not only the popularity of our excellent menu, but in the larger scheme of things it answers the populations' growing demand for healthy choices.

Rawmbas is a 100% gluten free restaurant. Since there is no chance of cross-contamination we are a welcome commodity to those with Celiac Sprue Disease or gluten intolerance.

We proudly donate our tips to the Canadian Celiac Association in order to help bring awareness to a disease that affects 1 in every 133 people in North America, many of whom have not yet been diagnosed.

Rawmbas' long term goals are to Franchise across North American in order to effect a positive alternative for fast food. We have developed a dynamic, relevant business that possesses strong potential. We have excitedly set into motion our goal to expand the average consumers' concept of "fast food restaurant" to include Rawmbas as a healthy and deliciously viable alternative.